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NSWRL supports “Shoosh for Kids”

NSWRL supports "Shoosh for Kids"

NSWRL supports “Shoosh for Kids”

Author : NSWRL Media Release

The NSWRL will join sporting bodies across the state to take a stand against poor spectator behaviour throughout the month of May by encouraging volunteers, spectators, players and officials to “Shoosh” if they don’t have anything positive to say.

“Shoosh for Kids” is a state-wide Office of Sport awareness campaign aimed at stamping out poor spectator behaviour at all junior sports and promoting a positive environment so children can enjoy participating in the games they love.

The initiative, previously held over a weekend, will run from 1-30 May, coinciding with the start of the NSWRL’s Junior League season on 1 May. Almost 50 Junior Rugby League Clubs have so far committed to the initiative.

NSWRL Community Rugby League Manager Peter Clarke said: “NSWRL encourages everyone to take a stand on poor spectator behaviour to ensure comments are positive all season long.

“The message to our volunteers, players and spectators is be encouraging to players and officials from both sides, support and respect our referees, and if you can’t think of anything positive to say then ‘Shoosh’.”

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