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NSW CHS State Trials 2021 Day 3 Results & Rep Team Announcements

2021 NSWCHS Under 18s (Photo : Steve Montgomery)
2021 NSWCHS Under 18s (Photo : Steve Montgomery)

NSW CHS State Trials 2021 Day 3 Results & Rep Team Announcements

Author : OurFooty

The NSWCHS State trials ended today with what was possibly the most successful State trials in a few years.

After three days of intense Schoolboy rugby League we saw 18 games of football in just 3 days of action

Today (Wednesday) it was an early kickoff the a 8:30 AM start to the day, with six huge games of footy which saw both Sydney Red  in the Under 18’s get soundly beaten for the first time in a few years, and ended with the NSWCHS announcing their two Representative teams, the NSWCHS u15’s and U18’s

Day 3 – Wednesday 26th May 2021

8:30 AM – U15’s – Sydney Red 28 – 0 Western

Sydney Red
TRIES : Bailey Sigsworth, Baxter Warner  2, Cyrus Stanley-Traill, Billy Brown, Brewathan Bilich, Bronson Emery, Kobe Pepene

9:30 AM – U15’s – Sydney Gold 52 – 8 Southern

Sydney Gold
TRIES : Ollie Seu 3, Mark Williams, Luke Laulilii 2, Bedric Pese, Alex Pese, Troy Patea, Mohamed Hadid, PJ Sosiaete
TRIES : Archie Duncombe, Joseph Elton

10:30 AM – U15’s – Northern 24 – 12 Presidents

TRIES : Jack Haylen 2, Zac Morgan, Paris Forbes-Izzard, Nick Connerley, Jett Woodward
TRIES : Ayman Maarbine, Junior Fatui, Samuel vandermade

12:30 PM Under 15’s team announcement under the Grandstand

11:30 AM – U18’s Sydney Gold 12 – 16 Presidents

Sydney Gold
TRIES : Nick Lenaz, Carson Kaho, Harry hassett
TRIES : Kyle McCarthy, Calvin Levi, Roy Quiroz-Mapusua, John Ibrahim

1:00 PM – U18’s – Sydney Red 24 – 32 Southern

Sydney Red
TRIES : Te Wehi Waitere, Kynan Hodges 2, Sam Jinx, Lachlan Crossell
TRIES : James Walsh Brandon Morkos 2, Te Umauriki Heremia Tukere, Ethan Cliff, Ryan Couchman, Trey Barlow

2:00 PM – U18’s – Western 12 – 32 Northern

TRIES : Michaek Smith, Nathan Walker
TRIES : Narven Willett, Fletcher Myer 2, Jye Linnane, Beau Dwyer, Waylon Caldwell

The NSW CHS are pleased and proud to announce their 2021 Representative Squads

2021 NSWCHS Under 15’s

1. Luke Laulalii (Westfields SHS)
2. Breathan Bilich (Sydney SC Leichhardt)
3. Jayze Tuigamala (Endeavour SHS)
4. Lance Tevio (Westfields SHS)
5. Yasin Kuscu (Randwick Boys HS)
6. Bronson Emery (Endeavour SHS)
7. Kade Reed (Illawarra SHS)
8. Jett Woodward (Hunter SHS)
9. Aaron Keppie (Picton HS)
10. Somione Laiafi (The Hills SHS)
11. Bailey Sigsworth (Brisbane Waters SC)
12. Bailey Peschka (Molong SC)
13. Hayden Buchanan (Kiama HS)

14. Alex Isdale (Westfields SHS)
15. Connor Votano (Hunter SHS)
16. Blake Wardrobe (Engadine HS)
17. Jerome Goddard (Bass HS)
18. Cyrus Stanley-Traill (Endeavour SHS)
19. Samual Vandermade (Ashcroft HS)
20. Cooper Black (Nyngan HS)

2021 NSWCHS Under 15's Representitive Squad (Photo : Steve Montgomery)

2021 NSWCHS Under 15’s Representitive Squad (Photo : Steve Montgomery)

2021 NSWCHS Under 18s

2021 NSWCHS Under 18s (Photo : Steve Montgomery)

2021 NSWCHS Under 18s (Photo : Steve Montgomery)

1. Blake Metcalfe (The Hills SHS)
2. Tyrone Munro (Alexandra Park Community School)
3. Kyron Fekitoa (Endeavour SHS)
4. Brandon Morkos (Figtree HS)
5. Te Umuaiki Heremai Tukere (Illawarra SHS)
6. Jack Cole (Orange HS)
7. Iverson Matai (Endeavour SHS)
8. Amir Yatim (Homebush Boys HS)
9. Ethan Gilchrist (Tumut HS)
10. Markis Atoa (The Hills SHS)
11. Ryan Couchman (Bulli HS)
12. Junior Tapau (Endeavour SHS)
13. Nicholas Lenaz (Castle Hill HS)

14. Trey Barlow (Warilla HS)
15. Soloman Saukuru (Westfields SHS)
16. Lajuan Vito (Endeavour SHS)
17. Raymond Lole (Westfields SHS)
18. Luran Patea (The Hills SHS)
19. Luke Raymond (Endeavour SHS)
20. Ryan Hodgson (Kiama HS)

Day 3 Action Photo Galleries (Coming Soon – Friday – Sat)

Day 1 – Monday 24th May 2021 RESULTS

Day 2 – Tuesday 25th May 2021 RESULTS


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Spot on Video – Phone 0415 425 325

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