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QRL COVID-19 vaccine update

QRL COVID-19 vaccine update
QRL COVID-19 vaccine update

QRL COVID-19 vaccine update

Author : Glenn Ottaway QRL community rugby league and competitions general manager
Statement: COVID-19 vaccine update

QRL COVID-19 vaccine update

Statement: COVID-19 vaccine update

Queensland Rugby League has today distributed current Queensland Government advice on vaccinations for community and statewide competitions across the state.

The information communicated to stakeholders provided a summary based on current Queensland Government advice and should only be used to support club decision-making.

Future updates on this matter will reference two key guiding principles:

Government and health advice

The most recent advice from the Queensland Government is

There is no requirement for persons to be vaccinated to attend community sport participation spaces.

This is inclusive of spectators, participants, employees and volunteers.

From today, December 17, there will be a requirement for individuals attending hospitality venues (including licensed leagues / sporting clubs) to be vaccinated.

For example, if a rugby league club has both

Sporting facilities and restaurant / bar facilities, unvaccinated people can only access the sporting or exercise facilities. They are not permitted to enter the clubhouse / hospitality facilities.

This is not inclusive of ‘takeaway’ canteens or can bars.

Key stakeholder requirement

Further to the above, there may be additional vaccination requirements from key stakeholder groups that support the delivery of rugby league.

These may include but are not limited to:

Land or building owners imposing the requirement for visitors to be vaccinated prior to entering facilities or venues
Service providers requiring individuals to be vaccinated prior to utilising a service.

For example, transport companies

Capacity limits at venues, noting the current direction confirming that events catering for 5000 or more people require all attendees above the age of 16 to be vaccinated.

The above update is consistent with the detailed advice provide by the Department of Sport and Recreation on Thursday, December 16.

A detailed summary page developed specifically for community sport is available here.

All information is subject to change and updates will be provided on in accordance with the guiding principles.

QRL will continue to work with key stakeholders in the Department of Sport and Recreation and Queensland Health in relation to the ongoing response to COVID-19.

Full government advice can be accessed via the Queensland Health website.

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