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2021 Langer Cup

2021 Langer Cup Round 1 Results

Langer Cup schoolboy competition players from the right competing teams – from left, Xavier Va’a (St Mary’s College), Chris Faagutu (Marsden SHS), Blake Mozer (Keebra Park SHS), Tyrell Waaka-Rhind (Wavell SHS), Tom Weaver (Palm Beach Currumbin SHS), Mustafa Kaya (Mabel Park SHS), Tim Sielaff-Burns (Coombabah SHS) and Kulikefu Finefeuiaki (Ipswich SHS). PICTURE: Brad Fleet

Round 1 Ladder

2021 Langer Cup Round 1


Top Point Scorers

2021 Langer Cup Top Point Scorers

1Teapo StoltmanSea EaglesCentre8240080
2Xavier StowersMakos500020
3Christopher FaagutuTigersLock, Prop500020
4Glenn FisherMabel Park241018
5Tea Rani WoodmanMakos300012
6Jett ForbesSharksWing300012
7Leon Te HauRabbitohsCentre, Wing220012
8Lance FualemaEelsProp20008
9Rylan FlemingWM SeaGullsCentre20008
10Taelon Te-Whiu HopaMakos20008
11Ranil ShankarMabel Park20008
12Cassius CowleyWarriorsHalfback20008
13Tyree BowmanDragonsHooker20008
14Naisa PuhaMabel Park10004
15Peni AvuaMabel Park10004
16Jieye MauaiMagpiesSecond-row10004
17Jardyn Stilinovich-WateneMakos10004
18William SemuMakosLock10004
19Gabriel SatrickStormHooker00000
20Deine MarinerPBCCentre00000
21Josh LynnPBCHalfback00000
22Tom WeaverPBC00000
23Kienan TempestMagpiesCentre, Lock00000
24Oskar BryantPBCHooker00000

Top Try Scorers

2021 Langer Cup Round Top Try Scorers

1Teapo StoltmanSea EaglesCentre880
2Xavier StowersMakos520
3Christopher FaagutuTigersLock, Prop520
4Tea Rani WoodmanMakos312
5Jett ForbesSharksWing312
6Glenn FisherMabel Park218
7Lance FualemaEelsProp28
8Rylan FlemingWM SeaGullsCentre28
9Taelon Te-Whiu HopaMakos28
10Ranil ShankarMabel Park28
11Cassius CowleyWarriorsHalfback28
12Leon Te HauRabbitohsCentre, Wing212
13Tyree BowmanDragonsHooker28
14Naisa PuhaMabel Park14
15Peni AvuaMabel Park14
16Jieye MauaiMagpiesSecond-row14
17Jardyn Stilinovich-WateneMakos14
18William SemuMakosLock14
19Gabriel SatrickStormHooker00
20Deine MarinerPBCCentre00
21Josh LynnPBCHalfback00
22Tom WeaverPBC00
23Kienan TempestMagpiesCentre, Lock00
24Oskar BryantPBCHooker00

Top Goal Kickers

2021 JLanger Cup Top Goal Kickers

1Teapo StoltmanSea EaglesCentre24002480
2Glenn FisherMabel Park410518
3Leon Te HauRabbitohsCentre, Wing200212
4Gabriel SatrickStormHooker00000
5Lance FualemaEelsProp00008
6Rylan FlemingWM SeaGullsCentre00008
7Naisa PuhaMabel Park00004
8Peni AvuaMabel Park00004
9Jieye MauaiMagpiesSecond-row00004
10Jardyn Stilinovich-WateneMakos00004
11Xavier StowersMakos000020
12Tea Rani WoodmanMakos000012
13Taelon Te-Whiu HopaMakos00008
14Deine MarinerPBCCentre00000
15Ranil ShankarMabel Park00008
16Josh LynnPBCHalfback00000
17Tom WeaverPBC00000
18Jett ForbesSharksWing000012
19Cassius CowleyWarriorsHalfback00008
20Kienan TempestMagpiesCentre, Lock00000
21William SemuMakosLock00004
22Christopher FaagutuTigersLock, Prop000020
23Tyree BowmanDragonsHooker00008
24Oskar BryantPBCHooker00000

Top Penalty Goal Kickers

Top Penalty Goal Kickers

1Glenn FisherMabel Park1518
2Gabriel SatrickStormHooker000
3Teapo StoltmanSea EaglesCentre02480
4Lance FualemaEelsProp008
5Rylan FlemingWM SeaGullsCentre008
6Naisa PuhaMabel Park004
7Peni AvuaMabel Park004
8Jieye MauaiMagpiesSecond-row004
9Jardyn Stilinovich-WateneMakos004
10Xavier StowersMakos0020
11Tea Rani WoodmanMakos0012
12Taelon Te-Whiu HopaMakos008
13Deine MarinerPBCCentre000
14Ranil ShankarMabel Park008
15Josh LynnPBCHalfback000
16Tom WeaverPBC000
17Jett ForbesSharksWing0012
18Cassius CowleyWarriorsHalfback008
19Kienan TempestMagpiesCentre, Lock000
20Leon Te HauRabbitohsCentre, Wing0212
21William SemuMakosLock004
22Christopher FaagutuTigersLock, Prop0020
23Tyree BowmanDragonsHooker008
24Oskar BryantPBCHooker000

Top Field Goal Kickers

Top Field Goal Kickers

1Glenn FisherMabel Park018
2Gabriel SatrickStormHooker00
3Teapo StoltmanSea EaglesCentre080
4Lance FualemaEelsProp08
5Rylan FlemingWM SeaGullsCentre08
6Naisa PuhaMabel Park04
7Peni AvuaMabel Park04
8Jieye MauaiMagpiesSecond-row04
9Jardyn Stilinovich-WateneMakos04
10Xavier StowersMakos020
11Tea Rani WoodmanMakos012
12Taelon Te-Whiu HopaMakos08
13Deine MarinerPBCCentre00
14Ranil ShankarMabel Park08
15Josh LynnPBCHalfback00
16Tom WeaverPBC00
17Jett ForbesSharksWing012
18Cassius CowleyWarriorsHalfback08
19Kienan TempestMagpiesCentre, Lock00
20Leon Te HauRabbitohsCentre, Wing012
21William SemuMakosLock04
22Christopher FaagutuTigersLock, Prop020
23Tyree BowmanDragonsHooker08
24Oskar BryantPBCHooker00

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