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Country teams named for Country-City matches

Country teams named for Country-City matches (Photo : Bryden Sharp
Country teams named for Country-City matches (Photo : Bryden Sharp

Country teams named for Country-City matches

Author : NSWRL

The NSWRL is pleased to announce the following players have been selected to represent the teams for Country Under 16s, Country Under 18s and Country Open Men’s for the matches against City to be played on the weekend of 15-16 May.

The teams were selected following the Regional Representative Finals Day at H.E. Laybutt Stadium on 27-28 March with Central Coast Roosters winning the SLE Andrew Johns Cup (Under 16s) and SLE Laurie Daley Cup (Under 18s) and Monaro Colts the Open Age Men’s Country Championships.

The Country Under 16s team includes six players from the Roosters, the Country Under 18s team includes eight players from the Roosters and the Country Open Age Men’s has four players from the Colts.

The coaching appointments, which were announced by the NSWRL in February, include True Blues Beau Scott (Country Open Men’s) with Terry Campese acting as his assistant, while Steve Simpson will be Team Manager for the Country Under 16s team.

The teams for City Under 16s, City Under 18s and City Open Men’s will be named at a later date.

Country Under 16s

1 – Clay Baldock (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
2 – Aymn Hamilton (Central Coast Roosters)
3 – Tyreece Arama (Central Coast Roosters)
4 – Malakai Folau (Western Rams)
5 – Israel Taiatini (Monaro Colts)
6 – Caleb Hall (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
7 – Mark Connors (Monaro Colts)
8 – Lane Davis (Monaro Colts)
9 – Malachi Smith (Central Coast Roosters)
10 – Jai Duncan (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
11 – Jake Elliott (Central Coast Roosters),
12 – Jeremiah Leatigaga (Macarthur Wests Tigers)
13 – James Miller (Central Coast Roosters)

14 – Dextar Grant (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
15 – Atticus Fotofili (Central Coast Roosters)
16 – Peter Milin (Monaro Colts)
17 – Connor Vardanega (Western Rams)
18 – Bailey Marks (Illawarra South Coast Dragons).

Country Under 18s

1 – Ben Rumble (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
2 – Kane Rushton (Monaro Colts)
3 – Michael Whitton (Central Coast Roosters)
4 – Matthew Wheatley (Monaro Colts)
5 – Darcy Leadbitter (Western Rams)
6 – Braye Porter (Western Rams)
7 – Jessi O’Neill-Petherbridge (Central Coast Roosters)
8 – Mark Simon (Northern Tigers)
9 – Tyler Moriarty (Central Coast Roosters)
10 – Daniel Peters (Central Coast Roosters)
11 – Keegan Kenny (Monaro Colts)
12 – Brody Briggs (Central Coast Roosters)
13 – Finnley Neilsen (Western Rams)

14 – Mitchell Henderson (Northern Tigers)
15 – Ryan Couchman (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
16 – Lachlan Mears-Crabbe (Central Coast Roosters)
17 – Luke Smith (Northern Tigers)
18 – Peter Conroy (North Coast Bulldogs)

Country Open Age Men’s

1 – Dane O’Hehir (Riverina Bulls)
2 – Cody Hodge (Riverina Bulls)
3 – Mitchell Andrews (Western Rams)
4 – Ryan James (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
5 – Chanse Perham (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
6 – Cameron Davies (Central Coast Roosters)
7 – Cameron Vazzoler (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
8 – Jake Goodwin (Riverina Bulls)
9 – James Luff (Riverina Bulls)
10 – Bradley Prior (Monaro Colts)
11 – Ron Leapai (Riverina Bulls)
12 – Corey Mulhall (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
13 – Isaiah Latu (Monaro Colts)

14 – Sam Clune (Illawarra South Coast Dragons)
15 – Zachary Masters (Riverina Bulls)
16 – William Wardle (Macarthur Wests Tigers)
17 – Atunaisa Tupou (Monaro Colts)
18 – Jake Wheeler (Monaro Colts).

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